Market Commentary

There is a lot going on at the moment.

James Godrich reviews the portfolios within the Coleman Street Investment service.

The news that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has found it necessary to cancel the autumn budget underscores the difficult situation in which we find ourselves.

Market update: James Godrich highlights some new holdings as he looks to take advantage of the current situation.

Here’s a statistic I never thought I’d be able to quote.

We are, of course, in high summer, with fund managers on bucket and spade duty and the first half reporting season for companies pretty much at an end.

Perhaps writers block swept through the working from home offices of the Financial Times in July.

The news that BP, one of the income paying stalwarts of the FTSE 100, had announced it was halving its payout to shareholders as a consequence of the fall in the oil price reinforces the comments I…

It’s not just Rishi Sunak that’s dishing out the cash. Stimulation packages are arriving thick and fast.

We have only just passed the half-way stage, but 2020 is already a year to remember.

James Godrich reviews the quarter in the context of the three multi-asset portfolios he manages, as part of JM Finn’s Coleman Street Investment service.

It seems that the citizens of the United States of America won’t be the only people celebrating the Fourth of July this year.

Research analyst, James Ayling tries to make sense of the current period of market volatility.

February and March saw torrential downpours, April scattered showers and May blistering sunshine; the British weather appears to have correlated remarkably well with the mood of the markets in 2020…