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Spring Issue Forty Two
JM Finn Quaterly Periodical

Andrew Aitken has joined JM Finn & Co as Head of the Yorkshire Office.

An exhibition with a special focus on artists living and working in the North, is sponsored by JM Finn & Co.

The US Presidential election race is well and truly under way.

A degree of volatility has returned to markets. Once again it has been central bank bosses that have been setting the tone.

There are more searches on Google for 'big yellow storage', or other permutations, than for 'self-storage', according to the Big Yellow Group. Indeed you may have heard about or seen the brand popping…

Under the backdrop of a zero interest rate environment, post financial crisis de-risking and restructuring alongside continued litigation, the UK banking sector remains unloved.

RELX, or until recently Reed Elsevier, is a world-renowned information provider to specialist professional sectors.

Howard Cockburn discusses life as a wealth manager.

Suppose you are consistent in the times that you eat your three wholesome meals: at 8am, 12:30pm, and 6pm. Twice a year, the setting sun will correlate with you tucking into your dinner. Were an…

Events in politics and markets over the last few months would have been diffi cult to predict at the start of the year. The latest development from the Governor of the Bank of England, to cut interest…

In 2015 Kew Gardens threw open its doors to thousands of book lovers and introduced one of London’s best-looking literary festivals. As Bill Bryson motored across acres of stunning scenery in his golf…

As we know from Charles Dickens, the Victorian age was a cruel time for many. Perhaps because of such hardship, the second half of the nineteenth century produced some of the greatest ever…