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Winter Issue Forty One
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Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential Election has overturned the opinion polls’ prediction and financial markets expectation of a narrow victory for Hillary Clinton.

Thursday 3rd November was termed by some as Super Thursday in the UK as markets were shaken each way by a raft of news and data pointing towards the health, both past and future, of the domestic…

Equity markets had a softer month in October, with most global markets dipping back below annual highs made at the end of the summer.

Gavin Budd joins JM Finn & Co today as a Senior Investment Manager, based in their Cardiff office. He will also maintain a working presence in their Bristol branch.

Thirty years ago, at the end of October 1986, the City of London went through what became known as the Big Bang.

Despite the excitement being generated the other side of the Atlantic, to which I will return later, it has been the Brexit negotiation timetable that has dominated markets recently.

A new opera to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London is sponsored by JM Finn & Co.

In 2013 the markets suffered what became known as the ‘taper tantrum’ when Ben Bernanke, the then Federal Reserve Chairman, announced that the Federal Reserve would be tapering back its more than $80…

Andrew Aitken has joined JM Finn & Co as Head of the Yorkshire Office.

An exhibition with a special focus on artists living and working in the North, is sponsored by JM Finn & Co.

The US Presidential election race is well and truly under way.

A degree of volatility has returned to markets. Once again it has been central bank bosses that have been setting the tone.

There are more searches on Google for 'big yellow storage', or other permutations, than for 'self-storage', according to the Big Yellow Group. Indeed you may have heard about or seen the brand popping…