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Spring Issue Forty Two
JM Finn Quaterly Periodical

As part of a five year long partnership with the Royal Academy (RA), JM Finn & Co have developed a series of exhibitions, in association with the RA Schools.

For the second year running, JM Finn & Co is delighted to sponsor the Inspired Festival of Silver.

Guests of JM Finn & Co were treated to a fascinating talk by the Master of the Temple Church.

An interesting affect from the Quantitative Easing (QE) since 2008, has been the repositioning of the traditional business cycle.

An enormous crowd flocked to Higham in Suffolk on Easter Saturday to enjoy the point-to-point racing which provided some exciting action despite the small fields owing to the fast ground.

The news that we are to go to the polls on June 8th caught everyone by surprise, but markets barely registered the fact.

Two Investment Managers at JM Finn & Co have been listed in this year's PAM Top 40 under 40.

It has been a steady start to the year, as the positive economic and wider market momentum that began last summer has persisted through the first quarter of 2017.

So here we are at the start of the second quarter of 2017, with markets in a quiet frame of mind.

The award for B est Discretionary Service at this year's City of London Wealth Management Awards was presented to JM Finn & Co for the second year running.

In curling the skill is in brushing the ice just enough to help the stone land in the sweet spot. Too much brushing and the stone will overshoot the target; too little and it might never get there.

News that inflation had leapt to its highest level for nearly four years had little impact on markets.

JM Finn & Co is delighted to be supporting a number of Point-to-Points again this year.

February was a positive month for most asset classes, with US equities continuing to lead the way.