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Spring Issue Forty Two
JM Finn Quaterly Periodical

Lloyds is the strongest name within the UK banking sector. It has a secure and improving capital position and a notable cost advantage with an industry leading cost / income ratio of just 46%. 

Compound interest is, simply put, the addition of interest upon interest. For example, if in year one I was to place £10 on deposit, on which I were to receive 10% interest, at the end of year one my…

Unfortunately, we have had a number of horrific events over the last six months or so which have rightfully featured centre stage; be they terrorist attacks or tragic incidents such as Grenfell Tower.…

Markets are enjoying more of a holiday mood now we are into August. While it is not a one way street, generally any overall setbacks are made up for fairly swiftly.

This month we chose to read Grinding It Out - The Making of McDonald’s by Ray Kroc, the man who took the McDonald’s brand and spread it across America.

The Diva Opera, this year titled La Cenerentola will be held on Saturday 29th July at the Marble Hall at Holkham.

Monday 24th July saw the return of the Standard Chartered Great City Race for 2017. Over 6000 of the City's great and the good took their positions for this much anticipated event, with 19 of JM…

We may be in the heart of the holiday season, but there is plenty of economic news around to set the tone for markets.

Bury St Edmunds based charity, St Nicholas Hospice Care is holding it's annual 'Girls Night Out' walk in September with JM Finn as the main sponsor. All funds raised by the event help support patients…

Recent modest falls in the pound, gold and oil were defied by shares, which managed to rise a little.

Markets seem to be taking their summer holidays early this year. With corporate and economic news thin on the ground, there isn’t a great deal to get one’s teeth into.

JM Finn & Co have signed a new contract with Surrey CCC which extends their partnership by a further two years.

May was another month of low volatility and generally positive returns for equity investors continuing what has been the consistent trend so far in 2017.