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Yet her welcoming of 800,000 refugees from the Middle East (and elsewhere) into Germany, however morally pleasing, is causing serious ructions, both domestically and among her European partners. 

Since the start of the year, the world economy has undergone severe financial market volatility, marked by sharply falling prices for equities and other risky assets.

The lie of the political landscape on the UK’s Europe referendum has become a little clearer now.

The unlikely setting of an Ipswich car park has been nominated by the Daily Telegraph as one of the five best classical music moments of last year.

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Asian markets have been having an uneasy time of it recently, though the FTSE 100 Share Index is developing a steadier tone after a relatively poor start to the year.

Sarah Soar, Head of Investment Management at JM Finn & Co will be joining the Wealth Management Association (WMA) Board of Directors with immediate effect.

Investors are gradually coming to understand what outflows from China and a potential renminbi devaluation might mean for Western markets.

James Edgedale, Chairman of JM Finn & Co, has been named as one of PAM Insight’s 50 Most Influential individuals for 2016.

The New Year got off to a tricky start for investors. Not that 2015 could be viewed as the easiest of years. The FTSE 100 Share Index closed around 5% lower than at the start of the year, despite…

The Yorkshire Rows, a team of four female rowers sponsored by JM Finn & Co, will begin their race across the Atlantic this week.

One of the principal features of the enduring commodity “super-cycle” that permeated the early parts of this decade was the rise of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs).

Far from being a season of goodwill to all men, investors have had a lot to put up with since the doors on their Advent Calendars started popping open.