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Winter Issue Forty One
JM Finn Quaterly Periodical

JM Finn was pleased to support the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) by co-hosting their annual showcase in the London offices.

Watch our video of Tammy Beaumont discussing how she got into cricket, the World Cup, and what young talent she is looking out for.

JM Finn hosted students from St Mark’s Academy though the Future Frontiers initiative

JM Finn won the Best Events Programme of the Year in 2022 at the Citywealth Brand Management & Reputation Awards

JM Finn has been nominated in the best Wealth Management Firm category for the fourth year. Read our article to find out more information.

The second quarter has seen major equity and bond markets continue to sell off sharply, as UK and US Central Banks tightened monetary policy in the face of spiralling inflation.

JM Finn and Crealogix win award at the Goodacre UK Systems in the City awards 2022

What impact will Boris Johnson's resignation have on markets? Brian Tora discusses below.

James Godrich reminds himself of the opportunities that market volatility can offer.

What is going on markets at the moment? Brian Tora discusses below.

Global grain prices have hit new all-time highs this year. Jack Summers looks at the ramifications of increased food prices on the economy.

James Ayling reviews the challenging year in markets and explains some of the major challenges for investors.

What are the latest investment updates? Read below here.

Jess Mayhew of change management strategists, Alembic Strategy, discusses how and why strategic thinking can lead to transformational growth when succession planning for your business.