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Recently the start of the Chinese New Year was celebrated. This time around it is the year of the Pig.

From humble bean to global boardrooms, Chocolate Wars plots the history of chocolate making from cocoa’s less glamorous introduction to Britain’s consumers as a nutritious and medicinal concoction…

I don’t know about you, but I am becoming increasingly bored with the way in which the talks on how we are to leave the European Union – or not – dominate the media at present.

Cranley Macfarlane, an investment manager at JM Finn, has been included in the list of nominations for the Magic Circle Awards 2019.

BCKR is an organisation founded by lawyers to help lawyers broaden their horizons and offer opportunities to further their careers upon leaving private practice.

It’s worth remembering that good businesses adapt to their environment and successful investors tend to be natural contrarians that relish moments when all around are despairing.

Here we are in the New Year. Most of us in the investment industry will be happy to see the back of 2018.

We are delighted to announce that JM Finn’s core discretionary portfolio service has been recognised as having achieved a Gold Standard.

Well, nobody can say that 2018 hasn’t been without its moments.

A few days ago I was tasked with addressing an audience of an advisor’s clients who were looked after by JM Finn.

Do British companies fail to compete at scale because they deserve to fail? It’s a big, provocative question which James Godrich takes a look at in this short video.