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Winter Issue Thirty Seven
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As a general starting point, more debt makes a company more valuable to its owners.

Fred Mahon reviews the last six months and suggests the tune has changed this year.

JM Finn hosted an evening with Lepra – a UK-based international charity, and Michael Dobbs, a British Conservative politician and best-selling author, most notably for his House of Cards trilogy.

Perhaps it is a consequence of the heatwave or of England’s early impressive showing in the football World Cup, but our stock market has really held up rather well this summer.

The Senior Manager and Certification Regimes (SM&CR) come into force in December 2019 which will impact most aspects of the business.

The Hampshire Country & Garden Festival, which is sponsored by JM Finn, is dedicated to promoting the fun of the great outdoors and all it has to offer.

An investment manager at JM Finn, has persuaded some diehard cricketing friends to tackle a gruelling cricketing challenge.

More awards at JM FINN

Speaking personally, football is of little interest to me.

If you buy a bit of metal for £90, turn it into widgets and sell them for £270 then you have made a cash profit of £180….

It has been a choppy month for investors in Europe as political shenanigans in Italy and Spain spilled over into wider market jitters.

On Wednesday evening two of our Investment Managers hosted an event for 150 guests in the wonderful setting of the Riverhill Himalayan Gardens.

Renishaw aren’t your average FTSE250 Industrial. In 2013, a decision was made that investors would only get to see management twice a year; once at the AGM and once at an investor day, which we…