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Clipper Logistics (Clipper) run a predominantly UK based business focused on returns, delivery, packaging, and click and collect services. When an item is ordered online from one of a number of…

The simplest definition of beta is that it is a measure of risk. Whilst I won’t derive the mathematics from first principles, it is worth saying that it is calculated by taking the correlation of an…

Well, time has moved on and, whilst I have not joined the Labour Party, I am certainly keen to understand its policies and where they are heading. In particular whether the Labour Party is painfully…

We have seen excessive returns from stock markets over the last few years comfortably above long term returns over a twenty year period, which have averaged nearer 6%-7%.

We are delighted to announce that, for the third consecutive year, JM Finn has been nominated at the City of London Wealth Management Awards.

Revenue is Volume times Price.

Last week we saw volatility return to global equity markets with a bang, with the major indices registering their worst performance in two years.

A new publication, available at luxury boutique hotels across the UK, shares some recipes and insights from some of the top chefs from around the world.

The awards are designed to reward the volunteers, charities and community groups in Suffolk who devote their time and energy to improve the communities in which they live and work, to make Suffolk a…

It has been an exciting week for markets.

Stock markets around the world were thrown into turmoil as a consequence of a sell-off in America.

= (Debt-cash)/Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation

Costs can be Fixed or Variable.

It’s a testament to a writer when they are able to make a true story feel like a thriller novel.