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Autumn Issue Forty
The JM Finn Quarterly Periodical

In order to justify my rising grocery bill, I’ve found myself cooking more at home.

Investment Director, Winchester

In the commentary that accompanied the periodic statements at the end of the second quarter, we suggested that some of the difficult economic conditions may already be priced in to stock markets.

Sage is a software company specialising in accounting, payroll and payment systems for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Mainstream consumer fashion has appeared a relatively out of favour investment segment.

Globant is a 19 year old tech stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange which might suggest it’s become ‘old hat’ but, I’d caution such a view.

CarMax is America’s largest second hand car dealer with 230 shops.

What impact will the new Prime Minister and monarch have on investments? Read here.

Brian Tora provides his market analysis. Read more about inflation and the cost of living crisis.

There have only been six occasions since the index launched when the S&P 500 has fallen by 7.5% in one month and regained at least the same amount the month after.

What can investors expect over the coming months with a new Prime Minister and continued geo-political tensions?

Small businesses are so often the driver of local communities and economies. We are delighted to support Suffolk’s entrepreneurs.

Investment director Paul Tyndall reviews one of the most challenging years of his career to date.

What are the recent interest rate hikes? What corporate giants have disclosed their half year results? Brian Tora offers his analysis.