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Autumn Issue Forty
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Have markets lost faith in Liz Truss and her new conservative government? Brian Tora provides his insight.

The new incumbents of numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street seem determined to put their own stamp on economic policy.

Unless you are approaching retirement, thinking about your pension and retirement plans can seem unrelatable, possibly unnecessary and certainly boring. Many a financial services provider aims to…

The guns versus butter dilemma has occupied civilisations for millennia and the civilisation that often jumps to mind is Rome.

To be an investor I think you’ve always got to be optimistic that over the long term the value of your investments will rise, but there are always challenging periods.

Bonds have had a tumultuous, and for many, puzzling quarter. Head of Research, Sir John Royden tries to shed some light on this quandary for investors.

With absolute return funds gaining more traction in recent months, we asked our friends at Tellworth Investments to explain how they aim to protect capital.

Michael Law explains how investors could mitigate the challenge of today’s bumpy markets by investing on a regular basis.

We met the companies below and you can learn more on any of these by contacting the person at JM Finn with whom you usually deal.

The Affordable Art Fair roared back to life earlier this year with JM Finn partnering a new fair in Hampstead.

Online fraud and crime continues to rise rapidly, with 80% of businesses estimated to have come under attack at one time or another in the UK alone, and an estimated cost to the UK economy of £27…

The legendary investor and ‘Sage of Omaha’, Warren Buffet, CEO/Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway wrote, in 1986, about the important concept of “owner earnings”.

One of my first jobs in the investment world was as an unauthorised clerk on the floor of the London Stock Exchange.

As part of our focus on providing a high quality, personalised investment service, we look to support our investment managers in their decision making when it comes to constructing client portfolios.