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We are very proud to be the recipient of the “Best Wealth Manager” award at the 2021 Good Money Guide Awards.

James Godrich, manager of the JM Finn Coleman Street Investment Funds suggests the recovery may not be accurately priced in by the markets.

We are delighted to extend our partnership with Surrey to what is one of the finest stands in world cricket.

Investment Director, London

Writing this from the office, it seems as if we are now entering a new chapter and one we must be thankful for. Whilst the City of London stills seems quiet, the most recent easing of restrictions has…

For the last year and a half, the UK’s property market has boomed. Record low interest rates, temporary government cuts to stamp duty on purchases up to £500,000 and a competitive UK mortgage market -…

Darktrace is a cyber-security platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect, investigate and respond to cyber threats in real time.

When you think of online marketplaces, which provide a platform for third parties to sell their products and services on, most think of Amazon and eBay. For home buying, Rightmove. For cars,…

There is little doubt that the demand for plant-based fast food is on the rise as consumers become more environmentally and ethically conscious. Yet, there is still a big market for meat, particularly…

Mark Powell, head of Charities at JM Finn, discusses why such excitement surrounding inflation has arisen, and a possible outcome.

For decades, the idea that you should sell in May has been an important part of stock market folklore. Brian Tora gives his views on why markets in May have performed better than expected.

What can we expect from the economy over the next few months? Is inflation a big concern? Brian Tora gives his views.

Taking the time to manage your money better can really pay off. We explore what you should be considering in the later stages of life.

As the Duke of Westminster would stand testament, the benefits of trusts are that they can be designed so that the assets held therein do not form part of an individual’s estate, thus providing the…