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Autumn Issue Thirty Six
The JM Finn Quarterly Periodical

We have only just passed the half-way stage, but 2020 is already a year to remember.

James Godrich reviews the quarter in the context of the three multi-asset portfolios he manages, as part of JM Finn’s Coleman Street Investment service.

JM Finn scoops the Best Wealth Management Advisory Firm UK 2020 at the latest CFI.co awards.

Critical NHS was established as a life-line for the NHS Critical Care Unit at St George’s Hospital in London.

It seems that the citizens of the United States of America won’t be the only people celebrating the Fourth of July this year.

Research analyst, James Ayling tries to make sense of the current period of market volatility.

Coloplast’s products are not quite dinner party conversation, as they help us when our plumbing stops working properly.

Andrew Banks looks at the Alternative Investment Market on its 25th anniversary.

I had hoped that by the time of writing this article, we would be nearing the end of the Covid-19 episode and that my chosen title would have fitted the ascent out of the doldrums of viral recession.

The profile of any recovery is much debated, so we asked Neil MacKinnon, our consultant macro-economic strategist, to share his thoughts of how things might pan out.

If anything, other than the myriad of struggles Coronavirus has brought upon society, it has awoken the painful ignorance in a vast number of young people towards saving not only for their future, but…

These are challenging times for investors who use the dividends paid by companies to generate an income for themselves. Royal Dutch Shell’s recent dividend cut (its first since the Second World War)…

It was American President, Harry S Truman who coined a phrase to describe the difference between a recession and economic depression.

For many, the only thing one has been able to say with any certainty in recent times is that Covid-19 has resulted in uncertain times for many. Although recently the residential property market has…