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Autumn Issue Thirty Six
The JM Finn Quarterly Periodical

James Godrich explains why he thinks that a patient approach can lead to short term drawdowns but remains the right strategy for long term returns

We sponsor Dogs for Good, a charity transforming the lives of disabled people in the UK.

Brian Tora provides his insight how the recent social unrest, US renominations and Christmas will impact markets.

Brian Tora takes a look back at the last couple of weeks. Providing his insight into the PMI, the Autumn Budget and nuclear energy.

Whilst the interest rate tune might be changing, James Godrich suggests it is still inflation expectations that provides the greater risk for equity markets.

Brian Tora takes a look back at the recent UK budget, Tesla market capitalisation and market updates.

JM Finn wins best Wealth Management Firm for the third time.

JM Finn takes part in the Future Frontiers scheme, giving career guidance to young people in the UK.

JM Finn sponsors the invaluable Art for Youth North, helping to provide support to children from disadvantaged backgrounds across the UK through the celebration of art.

Despite production output increasing in August 2021, investors are still sceptical.

It is increasingly apparent that the world needs to rapidly decarbonise and switch towards cleaner energy generation technologies or face unfavourable climate change and lasting planetary damage.

I have loved the unique game of golf for many years and think there is just no sport that comes close. It is a pure game of consequence (much like business and life).

Research conducted by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) found that £19.4 billion of pension pots associated with 1.6 million people sit unclaimed.

From the moment the Brexit referendum was decided, the UK stock market has been labelled as “too difficult” by many investors.