Jamie Ramsay

After 12 years working for an international communications agency, Jamie wasn’t happy with the direction of his life and realised if he didn’t make some drastic changes then things would continue to spiral downwards. His solution was to quit his job (where he was a newly promoted Partner), fly to Vancouver and run 17,000km to Buenos Aires. Following the success of this adventure, Jamie decided to dedicate his life to pushing his perceived boundaries. Each adventure he undertakes is designed to challenge him in new ways.

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At JM Finn, we pride ourselves in looking after your wealth so that you can nurture your passions. Jamie’s passion is one that takes him away for months at a time, and it’s important for him to know that whilst he’s away he feels confident that his investments are being looked after.


· 17,000km solo & unsupported run from Canada to Argentina

· 3,700km solo cycle from Sao Paulo to La Paz

· Summiting Aconcagua (6962m)

· 800km wilderness trek along Hayduke trail in Utah, USA

· 620km unsupported run across Iceland (east to west)

· 370km Mongolian camel trek (on foot)

· 265km Transalpine Run 2017+2018 (3rd mixed category)

· 400km Cape Wrath Ultra run (3rd overall)

· 700km solo & unsupported British Three Peaks run

· 430km solo & unsupported Scottish isles run

· 240km solo & unsupported Vietnam run

· c.4000km cycle from Melbourne to Darwin

Jamie is a brand ambassador for JM Finn and tirelessly supports The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), an award-winning charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. To read more about Jamie’s adventures visit www.jamieramsay.net