Client service excellence

Client service excellence

Meeting your individual investment objectives requires a high degree of investment expertise but also a superior level of client service. 

We asked our clients about their experience with JM Finn and were delighted to learn that we are succeeding in our goal. Ever since our founder, John Mendl Finn, was granted his stockbroking licence in 1945, delivering exceptional service to our clients has been at the forefront of the firm’s approach to investment management. 

To offer a personal service, your main point of contact should be your investment manager

Developing a personal relationship with our clients, understanding their investment needs and using all the resources at our disposal to try and meet those needs is what we believe is essential in becoming a trusted and valued investment manager. 

Our business has continued to grow over the last 70 years allowing us to maintain our firm belief that offering a personal service is what our clients expect.  In a world where investors are increasingly  being shut out by their investment managers, or put at arm’s length from the decision making, we firmly believe that to offer a personal service, your main point of contact should be your investment manager.

“Probably the most responsive business contacts I have.” 

 client of JM Finn

Trusted by our Clients

As determined in a client survey conducted in 2019 - read the full results here.

Trust and confidence

98% have trust and confidence in the individual who acts as their investment manager

Client communication

95% are satisfied with the communication they receive from JM Finn


96% have trust and confidence in JM Finn as a firm


JM Finn's NPS of 70 in 2019 which improved from 59 in 2015 *NPS: Net Promoter Score