Early Talent



These vacancies are looking for individuals who have 0-3 years’ relevant experience. They include opportunities for school leavers, recent graduates and those in the early stages of their career.

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Experienced Hires




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Our People



Meet some of our employees and hear about their experiences working at JM Finn.

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Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity Statement

Irrespective of the role, we encourage a very client-focused approach to each and every member of our Firm’s day to day working lives. This approach has been engrained in our culture since our founding over 75 years ago and underlines our unwavering commitment to our clients.

We recognise that we have a diverse client base, and most likely even more so in the future; we have therefore made it our mission to nurture our talent and recruit the best available to us to ensure that our staff can meet the needs of our clients, both today and tomorrow by sharing that diversity and creating a team that all members are proud to be a part of.

To ensure this diversity is achieved we are an equal opportunities employer which treats all applicants to all roles fairly and with no bias towards any ethnicity, gender, religion or personal preference of any sort.  It is our policy to recruit and promote on merit and merit alone.

Our current gender ratio for the entire workforce is 60:40 in favour of men

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Hybrid Working



At JM Finn we wish to create an environment in which our employees can work with an appropriate balance between office time and homeworking. Whilst we do not want to lose sight of the value of office time, we also appreciate the positive qualities of working from home. Whilst there is a degree of flexibility available in respect of employees’ hybrid working requests, it is expected that full-time employees will attend the office a minimum of 3 days per week.


Learning and Development



We promote the highest standards of professional competence, conduct and behaviour throughout the firm according to principles rooted in trust, honesty and integrity. As a result we committed to supporting employees with their continuous learning as well as developing others through structured and unstructured learning to ensure high professional standards flow consistently through all roles and all levels of career progression.