Professional advisers

JM Finn & Co is one of the leading investment management firms with offices in London, Bristol, Leeds, Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Cardiff.

We have a long history of acting for IFAs, solicitors, accountants and other professional intermediaries throughout the UK. Our success in this area has been based on a policy of providing the same level of personal service to all clients, private or professional.

We adapt our services to suit your individual clients' investment requirements, providing flexibility and objectivity whilst holding fast to the traditional values on which the firm was built.

We offer a range of different services to private clients, depending on the degree of involvement they wish to have in managing their investments.


Our Discretionary Investment Management Service is our core service intended for those who wish to rely on  our expertise in constructing and managing their investment portfolio, giving us full responsibility for making all investment decisions. Choosing this comprehensive service gives us the flexibility to react quickly to changes in markets and economic circumstances.

Under our Discretionary service, a qualified Investment Manager makes, and gives effect to, investment decisions consistent with the policy agreed with you at the outset. This does not, of course, preclude you from  making alterations to this policy at any time.

Your portfolio is kept under review, and you will receive a contract note immediately after each transaction is made. Detailed records are maintained and valuations are prepared and sent to you on a regular basis.

This service is offered in association with our Nominee and Safe Custody Services so as to ensure that investment decisions can be implemented in the quickest possible time


Our Portfolio Advisory Service is designed for those who want us to monitor their portfolio and to make recommendations, but who wish to have the ultimate responsibility for making investment decisions, and for the performance of their investment portfolio. They understand and accept the risks arising from any delays in implementing investment transactions because of the time taken to seek their decision.

Because of the additional work required to operate this service, it has a higher tariff than the discretionary management service.

This service can be used in conjunction with our Nominee and Safe Custody Services.