Wealth across generations

Author: Simon Wong Wealth planner, JM Finn

Author: Anna Murdock Head of Wealth Planning, JM Finn


The ‘Silent Generation’


A career-focussed generation beset by financial concerns about everything from school fees to retirement planning, they were hit hardest by the financial crisis.

The Millennials

Childcare theories are ever- changing. It seems that every week, a new piece of news tells us that we need to change how we raise our children.

Having graduated from university in 2012, Sarah now works in the software industry and more recently took on a permanent role having freelanced in the sector for several years.

Entrepreneur Richard describes himself as a risk positive investor but admits that financial planning hasn’t always been as high on the agenda as it perhaps should have been.

68-year-old retired surveyor Giles and his wife Mary recently downsized from their sizeable family house in the Home Counties to a smaller property...

Ignore the media stereotyping, this is the cautious ‘Generation Rent’ who are taking hands-on investment decisions as they strive for financial freedom.

Ruth Sanderson, aged 78 and widowed, continues to live independently at home but more recently some minor health issues have led her to think longer term about her options for care.

The Centennials

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