Economic focus

It is hard to escape from media coverage of the devastating impact inflation is having on our society as commentators point to the dangers we are facing from a rapidly rising cost of living.

Two years ago, my wife and I had just returned from a lengthy stay at our house in the Algarve when we were suddenly thrust into lockdown.

Surprisingly little has changed since last I shared my views on how the domestic economy is shaping up in a post-pandemic world.

Empty shelves in supermarkets, restaurants closing through lack of fresh supplies, no milkshakes in McDonalds – all these have been a feature of recent news coverage.

As I write this, a degree of normality does seem to have returned in England.

Let’s face it. It has been a tough old year in the market. Twelve months ago, the true implications of the pandemic began to sink in. Lockdown 1 was introduced, the NHS was nearly swamped and the…

They say that a week is a long time in politics. It is turning out to be a positive age in markets.

Markets have been undimmed by the recent rise in positive Covid-19 cases – particularly in America.

It was American President, Harry S Truman who coined a phrase to describe the difference between a recession and economic depression.

Just how big a threat is the Coronavirus to the health of the global economy?

Indeed, so far as economic forecasting is concerned, you might consider it more an art than science.True, there is a positive cornucopia of data for economists to sift through in order to come up with…

Some thirteen years ago, having left the bank that had taken over the firm for which I had worked, I broadened my reading to take in research from a wide variety of new (to me) sources. One Swiss…

A distinguished panel, which comprised the BBC Security Correspondent, Frank Gardner, a senior ex-police officer who had been involved in Counter Terrorism, an American lawyer specialising in…

X But the difference today is that there is no single issue on which one can focus to try to determine what likely outcomes might arise. Rather, there are a variety of areas where sufficient…

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